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The Thermal Energy Harvesting Advocacy Group (TEHAG) of the Knowledge Centrum Organic Rankine Cycle (KCORC) is in charge of actions aimed and fostering general public knowledge / awareness and policy and regulation regarding the enormous potential of waste-heat-to-power technologies, and therefore the use of ORC power plants and systems for both stationary and mobile applications. As a consequence, TEHAG announced it is extremely pleased with the release of the white paper titled “Thermal Energy Harvesting – the Path to Tapping into a Large CO2-free European Power Source”.

KCORC recently completed a major effort by publishing this white paper. It is very important context and background for everyone in the field of energy technology and it is really suggested to everybody to consider reading it, as it is very important that the general public and especially young professionals become more aware of the huge potential of these technologies and of the “thermodynamic crime” of wasting resources. Furthermore, taking into account the recent, latest Sixth Assessment Report, April 2022 of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is five minutes until midnight and every possibility should be addressed to prevent a disastrous global warming of our planet.

The document takes a position on ORC technology and aims to capture information and ideas put forward by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of volunteers (academics, corporate professionals, researchers in government agencies), supported by various ORC- companies. The ultimate goal is to make a substantial contribution to solving the global climate problem and improving society in general.

The paper can be download here.