Broad use base and number of users both in industry and academia

Friendly, prompt and professional support

Continuously developed in cooperation with leading institutes

About Asimptote

Asimptote is a technology leader for engineering of energy systems and components. We want to deliver the best and the latest technology to develop energy systems that are cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable than what is common today.

Consultancy Services

Asimptote consists of a backbone scientific/engineering staff, together with a network organization that brings together top-level experts in all the aspects of energy engineering. Operating as a network organization gives us the flexiblity to form teams of exactly the right experts for each assignment. Read more about our consultancy services>>


Our consultants make use of special software that has been developed at top European and American engineering universities and research institutes. Asimptote turns this research software into professional-quality simulation packages that you can purchase to perform your own modeling and simulation tasks Read more about our software>>

In short, we help you solve engineering problems that you cannot address with standard technology.

Company Profile

Asimptote was founded in 2011. It grew out of a long-standing cooperation between researchers in thermal energy engineering from across Europe. In order to form the company, the researchers joined hands with the company VORtech. VORtech is a company of scientific software engineers; it provides the software engineering services that are needed for Asimptote’s software.

Asimptote wishes to remain a technology leader. Therefore, we focus on projects and software that go beyond the state of the art.  When technology that is advanced today will become commonplace in the future, Asimptote will move on and leave this technology to the large system integrators. Instead, we will be offering the expertise on technology that is considered new by then.

About the Name

We know that the name of the curve in analytic geometry is spelled “asymptote”: we exploited that similarity, but ASIMPTOTE is an acronym for Advanced SIMulation for Power and TOTal Energy systems. The similarity with asymptote suggests the strive to reach our ideal for software and services.


Asimptote wants to be a network organization, closely cooperating with institutes and companies that can provide special expertise to our customers. Our current partners are:

Power and Propulsion Chair, Delft University of Technology (group of Professor Piero Colonna)

The group of professor Piero Colonna hosts a number of preeminent researchers in the field of thermodynamics and turbine design. They have developed most of the software that is sold by Asimptote today, and actively contribute to the further development of the software.

VORtech bv

VORtech is a company of scientific software engineers. It develops and maintains demanding software for technical and scientific computation and simulation for a wide variety of customers. They turn the academic software, on which the Asimptote software is based, into software that can be used in practical engineering situations.