Broad use base and number of users both in industry and academia

Friendly, prompt and professional support

Continuously developed in cooperation with leading institutes

Experts for advanced simulation and design studies

If you have to solve a particularly complex design challenge related to energy systems, we can help you.

ASIMPTOTE supports you in the concept generation, design, analysis, and optimization of systems ranging from advanced thermodynamic power cycles to highly efficient and unconventional turbomachinery and heat transfer components.

The design of such systems and components requires specialized and specific expert knowledge from various disciplines such as thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, cycle concepts, structural mechanics and dynamics. Our experts are trained in all these fields and have close relationships with top researchers that can help them go the extra mile whenever that is needed.

Design and optimize systems based on current technology

Due to the high level of expertise of our consultants, we have the knowledge to get the best possible performance out of systems that are based on current top-technology.

For example:

  • We can assist you when you are developing a new turbine or if your turbine is not delivering as much as it should. We have the capability to find optimal geometries using automated optimization coupled to CFD, based on the most advanced computational tools that are available today. Read more…
  • We can help you design an optimal control strategy using a detailed dynamic model of your system. Read more…

Our work goes way beyond traditional energy system and component design.

Support in the development of advanced or unconventional systems

We can apply new concepts and methods that have been developed by leading energy engineering researchers to help you design new disruptive energy conversion systems. Among these new technologies, Organic Rankine Cycle turbogenerators are an example: they are particularly suitable for waste-heat-to-power applications.

For example,

  • We have been working on the design of ORC-based systems for nearly a decade. With our expertise, we have been able to considerably improve the efficiency of ORC turbines.
  • We have performed detailed evaluations of the potential of current and emerging ORC power system technology for waste heat recovery from specific industrial processes and installations.

…but we do not stop at ORC technology. We are currently looking into other innovative concepts, like the scCO2 closed-Brayton cycle, the Kalina cycle power plant, reversible fuel cells and electrolysis.

These advanced projects really get us going because it challenges our creativity and expertise.