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FluidProp Versions and Add-ons


FluidProp comes as a free and as a paid version for the Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. On top of that, paid add-ons are available with additional fluid and calculation packages.

  • FluidProp basic
    • can be used with the most common desktop tools, including Excel, Python, Matlab, EES and LabView
    • a common set of fluids, that is sufficient for the majority of users.

The basic version for Windows is free. Free versions for macOS and Linux are functionally equal, but contain limited amount of fluids.


  • Derivatives, allows you to calculate a large set of derivatives of thermodynamic properties.
  • Transport properties, enables the use of transport property calculations in FluidProp.
  • RefProp, the famous thermodynamic library of NIST with all associated fluid data.
  • PCP-SAFT, physical-based model, it robustly predicts properties of complex fluids and fluid mixtures for a broad range of conditions. It comes with the data for many fluids of industrial interest. Other can be added upon request
  • StanMix, implements the iPRSV cubic equation of state that solves the artificial discontinuity in the calculation of properties in the standard PSRV equation of state. It implements the most modern and fast algorithms for phase equilibria.  It comes with the data for many fluids of industrial interest. Other can be added upon request.
  • Additional Fluid packages:
    • Extended fluid set
    • Hydrofluoroolefins
    • Perfluorocarbons
    • Siloxanes
    • Siloxane mixtures
    • Liquid metals
    • CO2 mixtures