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Hojo Stodola

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Hojo Stodola

Introducing Hojo Stodola: Your Efficient 1D Turbine Design Tool

Hojo Stodola is a powerful online tool tailored for the efficient preliminary design of axial, radial, and mixed-flow turbines, catering specifically to applications with highly non-ideal fluids. This innovative platform offers comprehensive insights into turbine geometry and fluid states at crucial points, including stator and rotor inlets and outlets for each stage. With intuitive meridional channel graphical output and velocity triangles, it facilitates precise design considerations.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined Design Process: From basic design variables and boundary conditions to detailed optimization, Hojo Stodola guides you through every step of turbine design effortlessly.
  • Versatile Fluid Compatibility: Whether dealing with single fluids or complex mixtures, Hojo Stodola accommodates a wide range of working fluids, ensuring versatility in your design process.
  • Tailored Optimization: Customize your turbine design for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, or compactness, with optimization options tailored to your specific requirements.

Hojo Stodola operates in two distinct stages:

  • Initiator Mode: Kick-start your design process by selecting fundamental turbine characteristics and conducting initial calculations to lay the groundwork for your project.
  • Custom Mode: Access advanced functionalities for detailed stage design and layout customization, empowering you to refine your design to perfection.

Utilizing the comprehensive thermodynamic property libraries available in FluidProp software, Hojo Stodola seamlessly calculates required properties for both pure fluids and fluid mixtures.

Convenience is paramount with Hojo Stodola, as it is accessible directly from your internet browser, eliminating installation hassles and ensuring you always have access to the latest version. With minimal input, you can swiftly conduct initial calculations, followed by detailed adjustments and optimizations to fine-tune your turbine design.

Hojo Stodola: Empowering Efficiency, One Turbine Design at a Time.

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