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Have you ever tried the FluidProp online calculator? It is a demonstration of a small fraction of the features of FluidProp. You can calculate freely several thermodynamic properties as function of two other independent properties of various common fluids with this calculator. The considered thermodynamic properties are, for instance, pressure, temperature, density, enthalpy, entropy, and vapor quality.

The online calculator also works very well on smartphones and tablets.

FluidProp has much more features, such as other thermodynamic properties (isobaric and isochoric specific heat capacities, speed of sound), transport properties (dynamic viscosity, thermal conductivity, surface tension), partial derivatives, etc.

Also, more fluids are available in the basic version of FluidProp and in specific fluid add-on packages, e.g. Extended Fluid Set Add-on, Siloxanes Add-on, Hydrofluoroolefins Add-on, etc.  Both pure fluids and mixtures are available. Click here for an overview the available fluids.

FluidProp is very well suited to be linked to other software, like Microsoft Excel, Matlab, and Python. It can also be linked to your own developed software, almost regardless the programming language.

If sufficient interest the on-line calculator will be extended with other features of which FluidProp is capable.

You are welcome to give it a try,

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