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Turbomachinery Design

Turbomachinery Design Expertise

Expertise for the Design and Optimization of Thermodynamic Power Cycles and Turbomachinery Components

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What is our expertise?

ASIMPTOTE’s turbomachinery fluid dynamic design capabilities include all design stages and methods:

  • preliminary design for dimensioning and feasibility assessment
  • throughflow and blade-to-blade flow analysis
  • detailed three-dimensional design based on the most accurate and powerful computational fluid dynamic analysis methods.

For this we use state-of-the-art simulation tools and proprietary design codes, developed by our experts and research partners in addition to the most reliable commercial software available on the market.

One of ASIMPTOTE’s areas of expertise is numerical optimization methods. Coupled with our advanced design methods, for each stage in the design process, these powerful methods allow us to evaluate numerous and often unconventional designs. Thus we can find the absolute optimal, most efficient and/or cost-effective design possible for each specific case considered.

Taking real thermodynamic properties into account

ASIMPTOTE specializes in the analysis and design of systems and components in which thermodynamics play a crucial role, such as

  • sub- and supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power plants,
  • supercritical Brayton Cycle power plants,
  • supercritical heat pumps (such as those using carbon dioxide)
  • supercritical fluid extraction processes
  • related turbomachinery and heat transfer components.

Special and highly accurate thermodynamic models are needed for the design of cycles and processes that occur, even partially,

  • in the thermodynamic dense-gas region,
  • close to the thermodynamic critical point of the fluid,
  • in the two-phase (condensing vapor) region or
  • that use mixture working fluids.

In such conditions, the thermophysical properties of the working medium deviate considerably from those predicted by standard methods, thus strongly affecting the fluid dynamics and therefore the design procedures of these systems.

Together with our research partners, ASIMPTOTE has developed and integrated into their tools highly-accurate state-of-the-art thermodynamic and transport property models for numerous fluids, which allow us to take into account real-gas effects and therefore analyze and design even the most thermodynamically unconventional cycles and processes.

Our experience

ASIMPTOTE has built an impressive portfolio of turbomachinery design and optimization projects. One example is the successful redesign and optimization of a radial turbine stator for a major ORC manufacturer. This led to an estimated power output increase of more than 5%. Another example is a project in which our experts have optimized the fluid dynamic design of a medium-size gas turbine. This project was done in close collaboration with the design department of the gas turbine manufacturer.