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RefProp Add-on


The RefProp Add-On offers the RefProp 10 functionality integrated in FluidProp. To use it, first download FluidProp Basic. For complete information about FluidProp, check out the FluidProp main page.

RefProp is the thermodynamic property library from the National Institute of Standards and Technologies in the USA.

It  implements reference equations of state as well as technical equations of state for pure fluids and mixtures. Reference equations of state are able to describe all experimental thermodynamic property data available for a certain fluid within their experimental uncertainty. Technical equations of state are less accurate but quite sufficient for most technical applications.

Mixture properties can also be calculated using a generalized model described in the RefProp documentation. Mixtures can be composed from the list of available pure fluids. RefProp contains an advanced mixture model for natural gas components, namely the GERG-2008 model.