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The Cycle-Tempo and FluidProp software was primary developed at leading universities, and as such thermophysical relations used in the software are scientifically well-founded. Asimptote has turned this software into a professional software suite, which is now used by a large number of industrial companies and research institutes worldwide. It is also used at many universities, both for teaching and research.

Cycle-Tempo is used to design and simulate various energy conversion systems, such as (organic) Rankine cycle power plants, gas turbine systems and power plants for combined power and heat, (biomass) gasification, fuel cell systems, absorption cooling and refrigeration systems, etc.

FluidProp is for the calculation of thermophysical properties of fluids. It has a large database of fluids and mixtures of fluids for various applications in the energy sector, such as working fluids for (organic) Rankine cycles, including the most recently developed refrigerants with low global warming potentials (GWP). But also fluids that are commonly known in the process industry are available in FluidProp. FluidProp also serves as the thermodynamic property package for Cycle-Tempo.

The free version of FluidProp has had several thousand downloads since its first upload. FluidProp is very suitable for linking to other client software, such as Excel, Python, OpenModelica, etc. and various CFD packages.

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