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Software for universities

The Asimptote software is used worldwide by a large number of companies, but is of course also suitable for universities, both for education and for research. It was originally developed at universities and the thermophysical relations used in the software are therefore scientifically well-founded. When using the software, one can think of using the software for classroom teaching of thermodynamics courses, for use in graduation and other projects for bachelor and master students and for research purposes of PhD students and university staff members.

Cycle-Tempo is used worldwide by a large number of (applied) universities for the above purposes to design and simulate various energy conversion systems, such as (organic) Rankine cycle power plants, gas turbine systems and power plants for combined power and heat, fuel cell systems, absorption-cooling and refrigeration systems, etc. The use of FluidProp is mainly found in research projects and in graduation and other projects for bachelor and master students. The free version of FluidProp has had several thousand downloads since its first upload, and many use it to calculate thermodynamic properties of a wide variety of substances for various purposes. FluidProp is very suitable for linking to other client software, such as Excel, Matlab, Python, OpenModelica, etc. and various CFD packages or custom software in various programming languages. The Derivatives Add-on, which is freely available to educational institutions, can be a welcome addition containing a number of analytically determined partial derivatives that are used for dynamic calculations and in CFD software.

A good example of the use of Asimptote software in education can be found in the book Thermodynamics, Fundamentals and Engineering Applications of late William C. Reynolds (Stanford University, USA) and Piero Colonna (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands). Many images, tables, calculation examples, student assignments in this book have been made with or are to be used with the Asimptote FluidProp and Cycle-Tempo software.

To establish whether you have an academic affiliation, please send an e-mail to and provide us with some evidence that you are indeed an academic user. This evidence may be an e-mail sent from an academic e-mail account (either by you as an academic, or by your supervisor if you are a student) or a scan of your college card. As soon as we have certified that you are an academic user, you will be notified that you can purchase the educational license for Cycle-Tempo in our webshop, which is available for significantly reduced costs.

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