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Transport Properties Add-on


The Transport Properties add-on lets you calculate the dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity for each fluid and each thermodynamic model in FluidProp. To use it, first download FluidProp Basic. For complete information about FluidProp, check out the FluidProp main page.

The transport properties are available for all thermodynamic models in FluidProp: GasMix, FreeStanMix, IF97, RefProp, StanMix and PCP-SAFT. Please note that StanMix and PCP-SAFT are not included in the free version of FluidProp, and need to purchased separately (they are also not included in the Transport Properties add-on).

The point for which the transport properties are calculated, can be set by choosing a combination of two state variables. The first of these two state variables can be pressure, temperature, specific volume, density, enthalpy and entropy. The second state variable can be chosen from temperature, specific volume, density, enthalpy, entropy, vapor quality and internal energy. Every combination of the two state variables is allowed as long as it makes sense for the specified thermodynamic model.

For (Free)StanMix and PCP-SAFT, the calculation of the transport properties (dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity) is according to Chung’s method (T.Chung, M. Ajlan, L.L. Lee, K.E.Starling, Generalized multiparameter correlation for non-polar and polar fluid transport properties, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 27 (1988) 671 – 679.) Chung’s correlations were developed for pure fluids and mixtures (non-polar, polar, associating fluids) for fluid states ranging from dilute gas to dense liquid.