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Free version | MacOS


The Free version of FluidProp for macOS is available for all macOS operating systems from at least OS X El Capitan. It is only available for a limited set of fluids. The following fluids are available:

1. nitrogen   6. methane 11. hexane 16. acetone
2. oxygen   7. ethane 12. heptane 17. benzene
3. carbon dioxide   8. propane 13. methanol 18. cyclohexane
4. ammonia   9. butane 14. ethanol 19. R134a
5. water 10. pentane 15. 2-propanol 20. MDM


The various add-ons that are available for FluidProp are only available for the Basic version of FluidProp for macOS. For most users, the Basic version is sufficient, but the add-ons makes modeling more challenging situations possible. For complete information about FluidProp, check out the FluidProp main page.

The versions of FluidProp for macOS offer the same functionality with respect to thermodynamic physical properties that can be computed as the versions of FluidProp for MS-Windows and Linux.