Broad use base and number of users both in industry and academia

Friendly, prompt and professional support

Continuously developed in cooperation with leading institutes

Asimptote wants to be a network organization, closely cooperating with institutes and companies that can provide special expertise to our customers. Our current partners are:

Power and Propulsion Chair, Delft University of Technology (group of Professor Piero Colonna)

The group of professor Piero Colonna hosts a number of preeminent researchers in the field of thermodynamics and turbine design. They have developed most of the software that is sold by Asimptote today, and actively contribute to the further development of the software.

VORtech bv

VORtech is a company of scientific software engineers. It develops and maintains demanding software for technical and scientific computation and simulation for a wide variety of customers. They turn the academic software, on which the Asimptote software is based, into software that can be used in practical engineering situations.