Broad use base and number of users both in industry and academia

Friendly, prompt and professional support

Continuously developed in cooperation with leading institutes

The ASIMPTOTE software

Essential tools for system design and optimization

The core of ASIMPTOTE’s software offering consists of

FluidProp, a package for the calculation of fluid properties implementing advanced thermodynamic and transport models giving accurate and fast predictions. It can be seamlessly linked to a large variety of other engineering tools, like Excel, Matlab, EES, Modelica, and many more.

Cycle-Tempo, a flow-sheeting program for the thermodynamic analysis and optimization of energy conversion systems. It can simulate conventional energy systems (power, refrigeration, heating, etc.) as well as advanced systems such as:

  • ORC power plants,
  • Kalina-cycle power plants,
  • scCOgas turbine
  • Fuel cells (any type)
  • IGCC power plants
  • Absorption refrigeration systems

A set of interoperable tools

The ASIMPTOTE software is a set of interoperable applications for the design, optimization and operation of energy systems and their components. They employ more advanced physical models and solvers than other packages, making computational results more accurate and reliable.

The tools can be bought together or separately and allow easy integration within common design frameworks, and other engineering programs.

What makes ASIMPTOTE software superior?

The physical models and solvers that the ASIMPTOTE software uses to describe and compute the processes in energy systems have initially been developed at leading academic and R&D institutes like the Delft University of Technology, Politecnico di Milano and Stanford University. Most of these institutes are also involved in the further development of the software.

The software contains functionality for conventional energy systems and advanced power and refrigeration/cooling technologies based on new concepts and unconventional fluids. They are generally faster than their competitors. This will allow you to find better solutions to any of your design problems in a shorter time. Because they are fully targeted to the design and analysis of energy systems, you do not pay for the unneeded extra’s that tends to come with more generic packages.

Professional support

Our support department consists of top energy-engineering experts. This means that they can help you not only with the use of the software, but also with design and modeling questions. Our focus is on a very short response time and appropriate answers to your questions.

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