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      Is there any way we can find the specific heat (kJ/kg-K) of a fluid using Cycle-Tempo? I checked in View—>Text Output but did not find.

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      Dear Turbouser, unfortunately, there isn’t. You can only use FluidProp, e.g. in Excel, and the HeatCapP function to retrieve cp of a fluid.

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      Attached you can find a screenshot that shows how you can calculate specific heat capacities with FluidProp in Excel.

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      Of course it is possible to calculate cp = delta(h) / (delta(T)
      This way it is possible to calaulate the mean cp for the required trajectory. It is not given in the Cycle-Tempo-output, but it is easy to calculate from the enthalpies and temperatures given in the output of Cycle-Tempo.

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      Dear Professor, this method is applicable when a process/reaction is taking place. Suppose, I have a gas mixture and it is not undergoing any process like in the schematic shown below. Cycle-Tempo will give the enthalpy but how to compute Cp? In this case, we cant use Cp=dH/dT.
      For air, we know that Cp=1.005 kJ/kg-K at room temperature. How to obtain this value using Cycle-Tempo, without giving a slight rise in temperature?

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        However, I think there is no harm in carrying out this little exercise of giving a small rise in temperature to compute the Cp using dH/dT

Viewing 4 reply threads
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