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Cycle-Tempo Applications

Cycle-Tempo Applications

Below you find a list of publications in which the various applications of Cycle-Tempo are explained. Some of these relate to industrial applications, others relate to scientific studies. On request we can provide further references of industrial applications.

Negative Emission Power Plants

Jaiganesh, Po-Chih Kuo, Theo Woudstra, R. Ajith Kumar, P.V. Aravind, Negative Emission Power Plants: Thermodynamic Modeling and Evaluation of a Biomass-Based Integrated Gasification Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Gas Turbine System for Power, Heat, and Biochar Co-Production—Part 1, Front. Energy Res., 27 June 2022, Sec. Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage,

Exergy analysis

Sreekanth, M., Feroskhan, M., Gobinath, N., Govindarajan Lakshmana Rao, and Nazaruddin Sinaga, Comprehensive exergy analysis of thermal management of cabin, battery and motor in electric vehicles, Int. J. Appl. Eng. Res., Volume 19, No. 3 (September, 2022), reference

Feroskhan, M. Sreekanth, Saleel Ismail, Exergy analysis of a biogas-diesel fuelled dual fuel engine, Int. J. Exergy, Vol. 36, Nos. 2/3/4, 2021

Fuel Cell Systems

Nico Woudstra, Teus van der Stelt, Kas Hemmes, The thermodynamic evaluation and optimization of fuel cell systems, Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, May 2006, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 155-164.

Combined Cycle Power Plant

Nico Woudstra, Theo Woudstra, Armando Pirone, Teus van der Stelt, Thermodynamic evaluation of combined cycle plants, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 51, Issue 5, May 2010, Pages 1099-1110.

Ahmad Jamil, Adeel Javed, Abdul Wajid, Muhammad Omar Zeb, Majid Ali, Asif Hussain Khoja, Muhammad Imran, Multiparametric optimization for reduced condenser cooling water consumption in a degraded combined cycle gas turbine power plant from a water-energy nexus perspective, Applied Energy 304 (2021) 117764

Conventional Sub-critical/Super Critical Thermal Power Plant

V.J.J. Suresh, K.S. Reddy, Ajit Kumar Kolar, ANN-GA based optimization of a high ash coal-fired supercritical power plant, Applied Energy, Volume 88, Issue 12, December 2011, Pages 4867-4873.

V.J.J. Suresh, K. S. Reddy, Ajit Kumar Kolar  (IITM), Energy and Exergy Based Thermodynamic Analysis of a 62.5 MWe Coal-Based Thermal Power Plant – A Case Study, International Conference on Energy and Environment 2006 (ICEE 2006).

Sreekanth Manavalla , Feroskhan M., Joseph Daniel, Sivakumar Ramasamy, T. M. Yunus Khan, Rahmath Ulla Baig, Naif Almakayeel and Bhanu Kiran Voddin Tirumalapur, System Design, Optimization and 2nd Law Analysis of a 100 MWe Double Reheat s-CO2 Power Plant at Full Load and Part Loads, Sustainability 2023, 15, 14677.

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power plant (IGCC)

Hai-Kyung Seo, Seik Park, Joogwon Lee, Miyung Kim, Seok-Woo Chung, Jae-Hwa Chung, Kitae Kim, Effects of operating factors in the coal gasification reaction, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, September 2011, Volume 28, Issue 9, pp 1851-1858.

Casella, P. Colonna, Dynamic modeling of IGCC power plants, Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 35, March 2012, Pages 91-111

Carlos R. Altafini, Paulo R. Wander, Ronaldo M. Barreto, Prediction of the working parameters of a wood waste gasifier through an equilibrium model, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 44, Issue 17, October 2003, Pages 2763-2777

Trapp and P. Colonna. Efficiency improvement in pre-combustion CO2removal units with a waste-heat recovery ORC power plant. J. Eng. Gas Turb. Power, 135(4):042311–1–12, April 2013.

Solar Thermal Power Plant

Casati, A. Galli, and P. Colonna. Thermal energy storage for solar powered organic Rankine cycle engines. Sol. Energy, 96:205–219, 2013.

Fouad Khaldi, Energy and exergy analysis of the first hybrid solar-gas power plant in Algeria, Proceedings of ECOS 2012.

S. Reddy, G. Veershetty, Viability analysis of solar parabolic dish stand-alone power plant for Indian conditions, Applied Energy, Volume 102, February 2013, Pages 908-922.

S. Reddy, K. Ravi Kumar, and Vikramaditya A. Devaraj, Feasibility analysis of megawatt scale solar thermal power plants,  J. Renewable Sustainable Energy 4, 063111 (2012).

S. Reddy, K. Ravi Kumar, Solar collector field design and viability analysis of stand-alone parabolic trough power plants for Indian conditions, Energy for Sustainable Development, Volume 16, Issue 4, December 2012, Pages 456-470.

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